A team of serial founders, unicorn operators, and commercialisation experts who build market-leading digital businesses.

We build meaningful businesses end-to-end.
With partners who truly care.

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We partner with selected corporates to share the rewards, risks, and thrills of the early stage.

We put quality first. We deliver across the full early-stage spectrum, from board room strategy to coal face execution. To harness our partners’ true assets, we connect the dots up to the smallest details while keeping our eyes on the bigger picture in pursuit of multi-year, multi-venture impact portfolio.

Our partners are traditional industry champions who are truly committed to harnessing their assets and winning the digital race.

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An idea is worth nothing - it’s the execution and speed that count.
That's where we come in. We bring the full range of critical early-stage disciplines to rapidly design, test, build, commercialise and scale new disruptive businesses. Be it from scratch or to turn around an existing project.

IDEA. Despite the myths, great ideas rarely drop out of a clear blue sky. Our process – the White Space Garage – creates an intense hothouse for new thinking, but it’s based on vast amounts of energetic research and talking to real customers.

VALIDATE. Testing the reality around a new idea is as important as getting the original inspiration. We build MVPs (minimum viable product prototypes), validate them rigorously and kill off many candidates before any decision is taken to go ahead.

SCALE. We have the skills and experience to back our winners, begin production and scale up quickly and effectively. This takes a different kind of entrepreneurial talent, but we know the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

SUSTAIN. Too many innovation projects lose momentum once the initial surge of energy has died down. Our approach is disciplined, determined and realistic, based on experience and a sound grasp of what’s needed to sustain success.


Building digital businesses end-to-end

We apply our rigorous methodology and discipline to drive a business from idea to scale.


Building digital operating models

We build the governance structure to solve politics, align incentives and set growth KPIs.


Building growth portfolios of digital businesses

We build strategic business portfolios on board level that transform our partners in the long-term.

What's better than creating scalable impact for a living?

Doing it globally, next to startup founders and experts, where it feels like family.

It’s remarkable how connected we are among each other at FoundersLane.
We are constantly looking for ambitious talents on all seniority levels to join our growing journey.
If you have a thing for fast paced intercultural teams and steep development curves, then we need to talk.
FoundersLane is driving sustainability in agriculture with Deepfield Connect
Deepfield provides smart IoT sensors to farmers enabling them to collect data on fields to optimise/reduce water usage and prevents crop failure.
Learn more
Deepfield Connect Screenshot Examples


Fastest-growing solar start-up worldwide

Solytic is our joint venture with Vattenfall. It uses digital and monitoring analytics to squeeze more output out of solar panel arrays, cutting costs, streamlining maintenance and boosting profits. After just three years, Solytic is already the world leader in solar power analytics.

Solytic Logo
PV plants under management
Tons of carbon dioxid saved
Solar panels on green gras showing how the business of solytic works


Medical Class 1 Product in value-based healthcare

Alley.de – known to patients as the Alley hip app – is an idea we developed that took off fast. It is the Gothaer group’s first-ever digital spin-off, providing personalized support for people with hip and knee osteoarthritis and helping medical staff make better treatment decisions.

alley logo
Clinics onboarded
Class 1
Medical device certified
Months go-to-market
nurse with patient showing the business idea behind alley
FoundersLane brings true entrepreneurial DNA to the table

We are seasoned entrepreneurs who have seen it all: failures, IPOs, exits, mergers, investments and fund set-ups. Now we leverage our 360-degree expertise to build market-leading businesses and portfolios in equity partnerships with powerful corporations. Because we just love the early stages and work to co-create a better future.

An entrepreneur since teenage years, Felix has successfully built companies incl. IPO. He sits on the Board of Digital Leaders of the World Economic Forum, is an investor and evangelist for (corporate) venture building with a positive impact on healthcare and our planet.

Felix Staeritz
Chief Executive Officer

A tech-driven founder and investor, Andreas brings comprehensive experience in operations management and digital technology development. Previously, Andreas built highly scalable commerce platforms at Rocket Internet and Project A.

Andreas von Oettingen
Chief Technology Officer

Building on his long standing experience as a serial entrepreneur, CEO and board member at various well known firms (eBay, Gumtree, etc.) and venture partner at Eight Roads Ventures, Michael has comprehensive strategic experience in digital and deep market insights.

Michael Stephanblome
Chief Strategy Officer

A doctor-turned-entrepreneur, Sven brings together the world of evidence-based healthcare with agile product development. With degrees from Oxford, Cambridge, and London, Sven brings diverse perspectives on the healthcare system.

Sven Jungmann
Chief Medical Officer
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Reshaping the Future of Healthcare

FoundersLane hosted a get-together with a group of selected executives from the field of corporate venture building in the digital health sector