Venture Building.

In Health & Climate

We build new digital businesses with an unfair advantage, by combining the agility of tech entrepreneurs with the strengths of corporates.

We are a new type of company.

As founders with more than 20 years of experience in building new enterprises, we leverage the power of established companies to build new digital business models in health and climate.

What we do


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Building the future

of healthcare

Our health vertical focuses on creating ventures that truly change healthcare through cutting-edge technologies focused on promoting a deeply human care experience.


Building a more

sustainable future

Our climate vertical’s mission is to co-create new ventures that provide economic, societal & environmental value. We call it Climate Venture Building: Venture Building that looks beyond the economic value alone.

Corporates worldwide
are struggling to counter
widespread digital disruption

Previous methods have struggled to create new, meaningful enterprise value

Internal Transformation

An internal transformation of tools and systems will not create a meaningful digital business.

Accelerators and Incubators

Accelerators and incubators are only useful to “hatch” early-stage business ideas.

Venture Capital and M&A

Tools like M&A or CVC do not fundamentally help transform the core business.

The Power of

Venture Building

We believe that entrepreneurs are better at solving problems fast and finding solutions to problems that matter.

We believe that corporates have incredible assets at hand that can create strong competitive advantages.

We believe that Corporate Venture Building is a superior way to build enterprise value fast as it combines speed and sustainability.

The FoundersLane


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Finding the right opportunities

Venture Building Process

Validating and scaling ventures

Entrepreneurial Operating Model

Finding the right governance structure



Now is the time for leaders to come together and stand united in the fight against this pandemic. But, let us not get lost in hysteria. We got this.

We are looking for volunteers, who are looking to build platforms to give established companies trainings on how to best move to digital technologies, use the right tools and work remotely.

Our call for Action and Solidarity
Felix Staeritz
CEO and Founder

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Let‘s co-create
a better future together.

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